Blockchains like Solana brag about TPS — but it’s misleading


The throughput of blockchains — namely, their ability to process X number of transactions per second (TPS) — is often touted in such a way as to downplay other considerations, such as decentralization and security. The blockchain trilemma, of course, acknowledges that succeeding in all three areas is challenging, though not impossible.

There is no denying that throughput and scalability are important, indeed vital if blockchains are eventually to become the rails on which the financial system is run. However, there is a major misconception surrounding the metric used to assess the scalability of layer-1s and 2s.

Zack Gall is the co-founder and chief communications officer of the EOS Network Foundation. He previously co-founded Dappiness Development Studio and worked as the head of community and developer relations for LiquidApps. He graduated from Muskingum University in 2009 with a BA in communication and media studies.


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