European Auction Car Service (Euauservice) will bring you the perfect car to almost anywhere in the world

European Auction Car Service (Euauservice) will bring you the perfect car to almost anywhere in the world

What car to go from Europe? Currently, more and more cars on the roads are brought from abroad.
The price of the car is primarily affected by the equipment, general condition and mileage.
Cars with a mileage of less than 8,000 kilometers belong to the category “Test drive”, cars with a mileage of up to 80,000 km from leasing companies.

The cars have a fair and completely transparent history.

How to understand that the odometer is not lying? The ideal option would be to conduct a personal examination and computer diagnostics, which is what Euauservice employees do.
There are many electronic components in the car; if it is impossible to know the real mileage, then there is always a chance to note the intervention. At the auction there is a specialist who, under the contract, inspects the car, including the electric blocks, and then notes in the documents whether there is a match between the data and the odometer. This process is a legal nuance to prevent accusations of changing the odometer numbers, in Europe there will be criminal liability for this. You can get a car with original mileage by purchasing a car from a reliable seller with excellent reviews, such as Euauservice, a major leasing company or a dealer. It should make sense for these representatives to do such tricks.

Buy a car abroad and bring it to your country with Euauservice.

To save money, you can buy a car from Europe at auctions. You can also order a custom-made car from Germany with delivery to many countries.
But when buying a car abroad, it is necessary to take into account the cost of customs clearance and other procedures.

To select a car in Europe, you can use the services of this service. We will help you choose a car according to your parameters and provide a full package of services for the delivery of a car to your country.
As a result, there are many factors to consider when buying a car abroad and having it delivered locally. For a safe and secure purchase of a car abroad, we recommend that you fill out the “Application for the delivery of a car from the EU” specialists will contact you and advise in more detail.

European Auction Car Service offers you all types of services for the delivery of cars from Europe: almost new or used cars from Germany and Europe on order, according to your needs and price. They will also help you with the purchase and customs clearance. With this service, you can be sure of the quality and reliability of services; guaranteed fast and quality delivery.

In conclusion, buying a car from Germany and Europe is possible and easy. You initiate the search for your car by filling out the order form. You will be helped to find cheap cars and proven used cars. With Euauservice you are guaranteed to get a reliable car and maximum driving pleasure.

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