Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace Enhances Space and Time Blockchain

Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace Enhances Space and Time Blockchain

Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace Enhances Space and Time Blockchain


  • Space and Time announced its partnership with Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace.
  • The integration would allow deployers to access the blockchain data with one click on the Azure marketplace.
  • It would help customers to use the decentralized data warehouse without altering its current structure.

Space and Time, the first decentralized Web3 data warehouse, announced on April 19 that by partnering with the technology corporation Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), the real-time blockchain data would be made available for the deployers directly from Microsoft’s online store Azure Marketplace.

Notably, Space and Time publicized its partnership with Microsoft through a Twitter post stating “Space and Time is now available to deploy with one-click on the Azure marketplace”:

Significantly, the cloud services and other comprehensive tools provided by Azure marketplace would enhance the decentralized data warehouse without restructuring the current infrastructure, allowing businesses to access it; developing Web3 applications and blockchain facilities would be made easier with the integration.

Kathleen Mitford, the CVP of Global Industry Marketing commented on the benefits of the alliance between Microsoft and Space and Time. She asserted:

At Microsoft, we are empowering growth across emerging markets—including blockchain and distributed data. Together, Microsoft Azure and Space and Time will provide developers with the tools they need to build the next generation of blockchain use cases.

The new development in the platform would assure customers the facility to access, manage and perform analytics on the blockchain data through Azure marketplace’s one-click deployment.

Nate Holiday, the CEO of Space and Time commented on the current relevance of verifiable data across blockchains, enterprises, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), adding:

We provide enterprises with the ability to integrate blockchain data into their applications and business processes, which is critical for both customer growth and enabling responsible data stewards.

Further, Holiday added that the collaboration with Microsoft “makes a lot of sense” and the support of Azure “adds a tremendous amount of value” for the firm.

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