Stack Overflow To Charge AI Developers to Access Over 50 Million Q&A

Stack Overflow To Charge AI Developers to Access Over 50 Million Q&A


  • Stack Overflow to charge AI developers to access its 50M questions and answers.
  • and SingularityNET are existing blockchain platforms that aim to monetize AI data.
  • The move to charge for access to data could slow AI training.

While blockchain platforms such as, SingularityNET, and CryptoGPT exist to monetize AI data, the popular online community for computer programmers, Stack Overflow, has announced plans to charge large AI developers for access to its 50 million questions and answers.

This development was captured in a report by Wired, noting that the move will impact companies such as OpenAI and Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL), which have traditionally relied on scraping data from the web for their large-scale AI projects.

Stack Overflow’s CEO Prashanth Chandrasekar stated that the company’s decision to seek compensation from these companies is part of a broader generative AI strategy. This news follows a similar announcement from Reddit earlier this week, which will also begin charging AI developers for access to its content starting in June.

Chandrasekar was quoted saying:

Community platforms that fuel LLMs absolutely should be compensated for their contributions so that companies like us can reinvest into our communities to continue to make them thrive. We’re very supportive of Reddit’s approach.

Furthermore, Chandrasekar stated that the additional revenue generated from charging AI developers would be crucial to maintaining the quality of Stack Overflow’s information and attracting new users.

Notably, the News/Media Alliance, a US trade group representing publishers, has recently released principles calling on generative AI developers to negotiate fair compensation for using their data. Some experts argued that charging for access to valuable data could slow the progress of large language models (LLMs) used to generate AI-generated text and chatbots.

Recently, raised $40 million to market AI application data, while SingularityNET monetizes AI-related services and witnessed significant increases around GPT4’s mid-March debut.

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