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Husband in Spain ordered to pay Є200,000 to ex-wife for domestic labour

A Spanish judge in the town of Velez-Malaga in Malaga, Andalusia, has recognised that a divorced woman should be compensated with Є204,624.86 as compensation for the work at home and care performed during her 25-year marriage.

According to the ruling, the woman, who is 48-years-old, performed all the household chores “exclusively” while also contributing “punctually” to the family business, where she did the cleaning.

The separated couple share two daughters and the marriage was governed by a separation of property regime, which specified that whatever each party earned was theirs alone.

The lawsuit urged the recognition of such compensation, since the woman “was deprived of any possible career due to her exclusive dedication to the home and family”,. In contrast, the man, “throughout the years of marriage, accumulated and exponentially increased his assets”.